This game was created by the City of Tucson, with help from Pima County and The Arizona Bowl. Also, many business sponsors, who consider students like you to be our most important resource, have stepped forward financially.

We’ve planned this event as a recruiting opportunity for the selected athletes. We will professionally film drills, scrimmage situations, as well as the game itself. Each athlete will be able to download the game film and their position work and be able to send it out to any schools they desire.

The Southern Arizona All-Star Showcase Week will be May 31st – June 4th with the game being played at Tucson High School on Friday, June 4th. The time is TBA.

To be eligible for this game, you must:

  1. Be a SENIOR graduating this year
  2. Fill out the Application and return electronically by April 7, 2021
  3. Get a permission signature from a school administrator (on the Application)
  4. Be on track for graduation without issue
  5. Have a plan for transportation to and attendance at ALL showcase practices and activities
  6. Have a plan to complete school work, along with showcase commitments
  7. Have Parent Permission and Waiver ready, if selected
  8. Have a Physical Exam for THIS school year ready, if selected
  9. Have a plan to get a helmet, shoulder pads, and other protective gear from your school (this is common procedure for all-star games)
  10. Be willing and able to follow ALL COVID restrictions required by the Showcase Committee and County Health Department

The Showcase Committee will accept applications from any eligible athlete who submits a completed All-Star form, including the administrative recommendation section. After the closing date, our two coaching staffs will “draft” teams by position, selecting 50 players on each team, plus alternates. This means that it’s possible for players from the same school to be on opposite teams. This will NOT be an issue with transportation as both of our teams will practice at the same location at the same time.

If you already signed a Letter of Intent to play for a college, you are still eligible to play. This is a matter between you and your chosen school. From my long-time experience, players who participated in an off-season game were way ahead of other players in their freshman class when their college practice started. Also, because of COVID restrictions, many athletes from other states won’t even begin their season until the spring.

If you have not gone through the NCAA Clearinghouse yet, we will have a special counselor at practice to advise you on this critical process for getting recruited.

Selected players will be notified the day after the draft. At that time, those selected will be required to submit the Parent Permission/Waiver Form AND a current physical exam (the one from this school year is fine). Athletes will have two days to accept their invitation, so your contact information is very important.

Our teams will meet for the first time on Monday, May 31 in the East Grandstand at the Tucson High School Football Field at 6:30 PM. At this time, players will be introduced to our Showcase Committee, be greeted by local dignitaries, meet their teammates, pick up their practice uniforms, and get instructions from their team coaches. Due to COVID restrictions, parents are not allowed to mix with the teams or allowed on the field, but they are certainly welcome to watch from a safe distance. Each player will be able to keep their practice jersey, t-shirt, shorts, and All-Star game jersey.

Practices start promptly at 6:30 PM each day. Players MUST be there in advance to tape (if necessary) and dress. Our training staff will be on site earlier, but they will not be allowed to tape after practice has started. Practice ends at 8:30 PM. It is extremely important that players have pre-arranged transportation that can promptly pick them up each night. Also, it is advisable that players have a plan for a healthy snack before we start each day.

Showcase Week Calendar: May 31 - June 4

SunAll-Star Group Meeting 6:30 PM at Tucson High
MonPractice 6:30-8:30 PM
TuesPractice 6:30-8:30 PM
WedPractice 6:30-8:30 PM
ThursPractice 6:30-8:30 PM
FriGame Day - 7pm Kickoff

Because of current COVID restrictions, we don’t know the status of spectators right now. However, if parents and fans are not allowed at that time, we will televise the game so people can watch it live. In the meantime, we will prepare to have fans in attendance and each player will be given two game tickets. No friends or family will be allowed on the field at any time, but they can certainly watch from the grandstands or a safe area.

If you have any questions, please send them to and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

We are in the process of planning other surprises for our participants. It is our ambition to have each player clearly understand just how important they are to us as educators, public servants, and proud members of the Tucson community.

We hope that you will be thrilled about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in a local all-star game and choose to send in your application. A game like this has never been done in Tucson before, so we are all excited.

Jeff Scurran
Southern Arizona All-Star Football Game, Executive Director

Paul Cunningham
Tucson City Council Member, Showcase Committee Chairman